From SYMG we are involved in the future of the planet, that is why we develop plans for continuous improvement in our production. We are aware that this is a slow and continuously evolving work process and as the industry develops so do we.

In recent seasons we have improved our production with sustainable fabrics such as ECOVERO LENZING. With friendly dyes AZO FREE. With a responsible and biodegradable packaging EUROPEAN STANDARD EN 13432 and with a conscious production. We produce on demand, that allows us to have practically no surplus of garments.

We have a family relationship with our suppliers, we constantly visit our production centers to guarantee our Corporate Social Responsibility standards. We maintain a reasonable production demand in terms of timings and quantities so that they can make deliveries without pressure and maintaining their usual pace of work.

As a company committed to society, we collaborate with non-profit associations committed to causes such as the protection of women, children and animals, health and scientific research.