Autumn printed dresses

Los vestidos estampados de otoño

The funniest printed dresses this fall

With the leaves changing color and the weather slowly becoming cooler, it's that time of year when you feel like a little renovation. Style, wardrobe or life: at Compañía Fantástica we know that the funniest printed dresses for autumn are much more than just a piece in your dressing room. Light up the darkest days with our proposals full of color and humor : this season offers the perfect backdrop to show off stylish prints.

Printed autumn dresses from Compañía Fantástica

Dare to immerse yourself in the most fantastic universe and embrace the charm of autumn's most special printed dresses with our AW 2023 collection . We welcome you to a tour of our favorites. Don't miss them!

The latest in printed dresses: the funniest trend

This season, we give autumn dresses a twist with new colors, shapes and combinations. A burst of color that floods prints of all kinds: in autumn, go for contrasting tones and more visual chromatic explosions. In addition, we highlight the most unexpected combinations and renewed traditional prints . A display of individuality with the classic autumn prints taken to the extreme : new prints inspired by the animal and plant world, surprising stripes and different flowers or polka dots.

Printed autumn dresses from Compañía Fantástica

Finally, the variety and richness of textures stands out: thick knit dresses that are ahead of winter and dressed in fun prints stand out alongside fluid viscose models. We love them all!

The most special prints flood autumn dresses

These are the coolest prints of the season , with a very fantastic twist. Keep reading and find your match.

Animal print for autumn: the wildest style

Forget the classic drawings and welcome the most fun and surreal trend: dresses with animals . An unexpected twist on classic prints with natural and unexpected nuances: horses, seals, rabbits or silhouettes of different species flood full-color dresses. Choose the midi versions to go to the office and create different going out looks with the midi options. For animal lovers!

Printed autumn dresses from Compañía Fantástica

Plant prints: an essential with a twist

The generosity of nature goes further this season and reaches the most original autumn dresses. Choose the coziest plant-inspired prints : fruity prints with pears or persimmons, prints with corn on the cob or the most cottagecore floral dresses . Mother Nature inspires playful and different drawings, our favorites for special occasions or for going to work.

Printed autumn dresses from Compañía Fantástica

Polka dot print: a perennial favorite

Just when you thought everything was already invented... the polka dots of Compañía Fantástica arrive. Choose dresses with irregular prints that break the monotony and vary in space and size, with unexpected color combinations that give a dynamic and contemporary feel. Versions with more sporadic prints and irregular spots that are reminiscent of the most spontaneous paint splashes. Forget traditional polka dots!

Printed autumn dresses from Compañía Fantástica

Geometric prints: pure structure and disorder

Versatile and balanced, prints inspired by geometry are reimagined with a retro and different air this fall. Vertical, horizontal or diagonal, dresses with stripes are completed with intense contrasts or monochrome tones. The designs with retro prints take us back to the 70s with their interesting curves and autumn colors: ochres, oranges or purples.

Printed autumn dresses from Compañía Fantástica

Fantastic prints suitable for all plans

We finish our selection with a tribute to the rest of the prints in our fall dress collection . Unique and very special motifs that will surely delight you.

  • Dresses with a heart print : the most romantic emblem brings a dose of passion to the most irreverent proposals.
  • Designs with abstract print : undefined and unstructured, abstract dresses let the imagination fly.
  • Models with fantasy motifs : an escape to a dream world, immerse yourself in the most artistic designs of Compañía Fantástica dresses.

Printed autumn dresses from Compañía Fantástica

How to combine fall dresses with special prints

Take advantage of the drop in temperatures to get your favorite outdoor clothes out of the closet. This season, thick knit cardigans, kimono-style jackets, ponchos or bombers are in style. For colder days, pair your printed dress with a corduroy blazer or flannel coat. Give the finishing touch with accessories : bucket hats or XXL scarves. Ready to wear a printed dress!

In conclusion, it seems that this fall 2023 is the time for the most fun printed dresses . From the most original nature to the depths of our imagination, there is a print for every personality. Choose yours and immerse yourself in the universe of color of Compañía Fantástica. Colorful fashion for everyone!

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