If you are one of those people who, as soon as you meet, someone starts asking you what is your zodiac sign ? You are one of us! And you will surely be fascinated by what we are going to tell... After thoroughly reviewing the prints that define Compañía Fantástica and studying in depth what defines each sign of the zodiac , we leave you with a mini-guide to find out which original print suits you best. each sign of the horoscope. Because the energy of a Leo is not the same as the sensitivity of a Pisces. Enjoy this astrological journey and find the finish, colors and details that best suit your sign. We tell you!

Dinosaurs for Aries and butterflies for Taurus

The dinosaur print invades the dresses of Aries girls . If you were born between March and April, this multicolored print dotted with dinos will fascinate you. And how good it looks on a LENZING™ ECOVERO™ viscose shirt dress! A perfect proposal for Aries to unleash their adventurous spirit .

We are not abandoning the animal print , but we are changing the sign. Spring welcomes those born between April and May with the fluttering of small butterflies on a navy blue background . This print defines the firm and determined character of Taurus people. Try it and see how good it looks on short sleeveless A-line dresses .

Original print for your Fantastic Company horoscope

Multicolor striped prints for Gemini and shrimp for Cancer

The joy of good weather accompanies those born under the sign of Gemini . And that same good vibe comes to the multicolored striped print . Dress according to your zodiac with this midi dress in cotton poplin and a super striking print . If yours is a passion for stripes , at Compañía we have them in all shapes and colors.

And for original reasons, this one with shrimps is designed to dress those born under the sign of Cancer . The simplicity of the baby doll dress pattern along with its fun print dotted with appetizing shrimp make this look a must-have for the season. A proposal as attractive as Cancer and with a taste for details that has stolen our hearts.

Original print for your Fantastic Company horoscope

Fun prints of daisies for Leo and fruits for Virgo

Between July and August, Leo people share their enthusiasm and creativity in abundance. And what better decoration for a Leo girl than the floral print based on daisies . As spontaneous and fresh as this short A-line dress in LENZING™ ECOVERO™ viscose with short puffed sleeves and as cool as you.

The fruity and juicy motifs in mauve tones serve to dress Virgo people and give them that delicate touch so typical of their personality. An original finish that looks fantastic on short dress designs to feel different and genuine.

Original print for your Fantastic Company horoscope

Dresses with hearts for Libra and picanyas for Scorpio

This journey through the signs of the zodiac through must-have prints from Compañía Fantástica is being very inspiring. And if not, tell it to the Libras whose heart print in blue and raspberry tones couldn't be more charming, like them! Enjoy original elegance and a 100% comfortable oversize cut.

And we arrived in Scorpio surrounded by picanyas, a fruit as exotic as it is surprising. This genuine print accompanies people born between October and November with imagination and intuition . Look how good it looks in a dress with a shirt collar and button closure. Pure inspiration!

Original print for your Fantastic Company horoscope

Hawaiian prints for Sagittarius and color blocking for Capricorn

The good luck that characterizes Sagittarius lands in this adventurous print and makes us travel to the Pacific itself. From Honololú to Hawaii, this original print dresses Sagittarius girls with the energy of red in comfortable garments with fun designs.

Prudent and practical, that's how Capricorns are and that's how well this white, pink and purple tricolor design suits them. The determination of the color block prints fits perfectly with the personality of those born between December and January. Bold colors in dress models with shirt collar and side pockets. Shout out to comfort!

Original print for your Fantastic Company horoscope

Aquatic prints on dresses for Aquarius and Pisces

Aquarians start the year and give us their sympathy and spontaneity. And they do it with an evocative print in the form of turquoise waves on a green background. Try the long sleeve midi dress look or gift it to that Aquarius girl. You will be fascinated!

And how could it be otherwise, girls with the sign of Pisces surround themselves with multicolored fish in fun and very comfortable clothes. Explore new prints with comfortable and very versatile finishes. Fresh and surprising!

Original print for your Fantastic Company horoscope

Find fun fashion with the most original print according to your zodiac sign and color your mood with the most powerful and optimistic colors. Compañía Fantástica 's dresses come loaded with a very positive mood , whatever sign you are. Choose yours!

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