Halftime … Oh, halftime! That time of year when we never seem to hit the mark with the chosen look . Every morning, you take the risk! At first thing in the morning it is so cold that you would take the thickest coat in your closet, but at midday the sun invites us to strip off and keep to the minimum. What are we doing this spring? Well, at Compañía Fantástica we have the key designs to dress in layers and remove as the temperature rises. Knitted jackets and cardigans are our ally garments.

Let's go with another eternal doubt... What outer garment is the most appropriate for those days? The candidate should fulfill two functions: it protects from the low temperatures of dawn, but is light enough so that it does not get in the way and continues to look wonderful as the day progresses. Now comes the best of the best. We have it in Fantastic Company! The most fun and original trench coats will allow you to always hit the nail on the head. We love them!

Looks with short-sleeved cardigans

We've given our hearts to short-sleeved cardigans . Beautiful and versatile, this spring they look good with everything. Don't let them escape!

Cropped Cardigans with Floral Print Pants

At Compañía Fantástica you can find it in various colors: lilac, blue and pink . A button-front knitted jacket that gives you a thousand options. For example, with this season's floral print pants. Find your ideal mix by mixing the tone of the jacket with one of the colors of the pants print. Pure spring!

Mid-season looks with Compañía Fantástica jacket

Looks with short-sleeved jackets and polka dot skirt or shorts

If your favorite thing with floral prints has been, try combining short-sleeved cardigans with floral print skirts . Clothes that are as comfortable as they are original paperbag type that look fantastic with cardigans. Another mix that works on hotter days is achieved with polka dot shorts . Play with the tones and create your ideal match. You won't want to take it off!

Mid-season looks with Compañía Fantástica jacket

Look ideas with short cardigans and jeans or pants

Any of the cardigans from our spring collection work with a good pair of jeans. Choose your wide, ankle-length denim pants and wear them with a cardigan in your favorite color. If you prefer, you can opt forsolid-color pants and achieve a total lilac, blue or pink look. Ready for halftime!

Mid-season looks with Compañía Fantástica jacket

Plain or printed jackets, essential garments in your looks

Long-sleeved cardigans are your essential staple every spring. Renew your wardrobe with the new Compañía Fantástica cardigans in solid colors such as chocolate brown, black or green and combine them withpleated pants in neutral tones or midi skirts.

Mid-season looks with Compañía Fantástica jacket

Choose a jacket in one of the season's tones , light blue, and wear it with a midi skirt printed with waves or with this skirt suggestion with our beloved dinosaur print .

Mid-season looks with Compañía Fantástica jacket

Looks with full color cardigans!

The funniest prints also flood the long-sleeved jackets. An intarsia knit cardigan in a print in colors as vibrant as pink and orange. Feel the energy they give off and fill yourself with good vibes. Look at the most original combinations: with red pants or with a short orange skirt .

Mid-season looks with Compañía Fantástica jacket

Total printed looks with floral jackets

Another option is to wear the cardigan with the same print as the pants. This way you will get a total look with a green and blue flower print , perfect to start spring. Now you have to decide if you wear a t-shirt under your jacket to take off as the hours go by; or if you prefer to show off your total look of a cardigan and knitted pants all day. You choose!

Mid-season looks with Compañía Fantástica jacket

Looks with the most original trench coats

From jackets to trench coats, those perfect outerwear for mid-season looks. Compañía Fantástica's raincoat proposals incorporate fun prints to achieve cheerful and original results.

Trench coats with polka dot prints

Discover our trench coat with polka dot print . We love it for its comfort and how versatile it is. In black and white , make it your mid-season must-have and wear it with neutral or polka dot pants to show off your total polka dot look.

Mid-season looks with Compañía Fantástica jacket

Looks with gingham trench coats

From polka dots to gingham checks . At Compañía Fantástica we have the twill trench coat that will solve your choice of outer garment. This is yours! A straight trench coat with blue checks, lapel collar and front pockets. Complete withaccessories such as the bucket hat or the shopper bag in the same gingham print .

Mid-season looks with Compañía Fantástica jacket

As many suggestions for looks with cardigans and trench coats as there are days in spring. All that remains is to show them off and joyfully enjoy the suggestions from Compañía Fantástica . Original looks that solve the great dilemmas of halftime!

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