New horoscope t-shirts

Nuevas camisetas del horóscopo

New horoscope t-shirts from Compañía Fantástica

It looks like the planets have aligned and we are now out of the latest Mercury retrograde for a season. Let's breathe a sigh of relief: it's time to celebrate with Compañía Fantástica 's latest collection. This time, we wanted to follow our destiny and offer you an incredible collection of self-designed t-shirts for each of the zodiac signs.

This collection is much more than fashion, it is a global manifestation and celebration of how much we enjoy astrology . Keep reading to find out!

We are inspired by the zodiac to create the most fantastic t-shirts

You already know that our affection for the universe and its enigmas does not come from now. We bring a smile to your face with our Mercury Retrograde collection , at the end of 2022, and with our astrological-themed videos and memes since the end of 2020. This time, our muses are each of the twelve signs of the zodiac . We have let our imagination fly and collected inspiration from each of their personalities, their strengths and their stories and legends.

Based on this system of astrology, we wanted our zodiac t-shirt collection to be more than just a representation of each symbol: we wanted it to be a reflection of individual identities and a celebration of our cosmic connection. In addition, we have developed our designs in-house, with a palette of intense and vibrant colors, as it could not be otherwise.

Now, we give way to our selection of zodiac t-shirts. Find yours and celebrate your most unique essence with Compañía Fantástica.

Zodiac signs t-shirts with unique illustrations

Our collection includes twelve designs with a classic round neck, short sleeves. Ideal for both a casual look and to give a cool touch to a more formal style, they are made of a soft, white 100% cotton fabric . Comfortable and pretty, they are available in sizes XS to XL . Choose your sign and wear it with pride, let your stars align!

Signs of fire: t-shirts for the most passionate ones

We start the selection with the designs for the most dynamic and enthusiastic signs. Fire and passion star in our first three models:

  • Aries T-Shirt: Our first symbol is known for your adventurous spirit. The t-shirt represents the most passionate ram, with our favorite Aries personality characteristic: vitality.
  • Leo T-shirt: the royal lion stars in the following fire sign t-shirt. In orange and red, it highlights its most notable quality, creativity.
  • Sagittarius T-shirt: Mauve and caldera tone are reflected in this design that shows Sagittarius' love of exploration. The word “curiosity” is indicated as a tribute to his observant spirit.

Compania Fantástica horoscope t-shirt collection

Earth signs: pure resistance and effort

The practical and loving nature of earth signs inspires our collection of horoscope t-shirts. Each proposal is a well-deserved tribute to their stability, loyalty and unbreakable spirit.

  • Taurus T-shirt : symbolized as the unbreakable bull, this illustrated t-shirt in shades of green and purple embodies the strength and determination of this sign. The word chosen to describe them? Constancy.
  • Virgo T-shirt : analytical and careful Virgos will find a model in brown and mauve tones. Additionally, it includes our particular tribute to your personality with the word “purity.” •
  • Capricorn T-shirt : with the mountain goat as the protagonist of its central design, our model is a testament to your ambition and discipline. With the word “excellence”, let it serve as inspiration for your rise to the pinnacle of success.

Compania Fantástica horoscope t-shirt collection

Air signs: strong personalities

Air signs, known for their intellectual curiosity and adaptability , flood our collection of astrological t-shirts.

  • Libra T-shirt : with the scales as an emblem, our t-shirt shows the duability and versatility of this sign. A visual representation in pink and brown, decorated with the word “beauty.”
  • Aquarius T-shirt: the water bearer stars in the design for this model, as a representative of its visionary spirit. The word we have chosen? Originality.
  • Gemini T-shirt: we celebrate the twins with a model in warm tones that shows the word “intelligence”. A visual representation of the personality of this sign.

Compania Fantástica horoscope t-shirt collection

Water signs: noble and deep

We immerse ourselves in the aquatic world to pay tribute to the most enigmatic signs in our collection of t-shirts. Our designs capture the emotional depth, intuition and transformative nature that flows through their personalities.

  • Pisces T-shirt: the two fish swimming in perfect harmony flood the illustration of this design in intense blue and pink. He conveys his dreamy and artistic nature with the word “intuition.”
  • Scorpio T-shirt : the formidable scorpion is the center of the design that resonates with the overwhelming and mysterious personality of this sign. Decorated with the concept “intensity”.
  • Cancer T-shirt : an ideal reflection of your protective nature, our T-shirt for the Cancer sign is decorated with the “heart” emblem.

Compania Fantástica horoscope t-shirt collection

Now that you have the stars well aligned, let yourself be guided by destiny and get your most fantastic horoscope t-shirt . Celebrate your essence and let the universe be your definitive style guide. Get yours now!

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