The new collection from the Spanish fashion brand Compañía Fantástica is structured around the concept of individualism and the defense of personal style against the masses.

In a twist full of irony, the proposal takes the name Common People , inspired by the iconic song by the Brit pop band Pulp.

Why belong entirely to the common world when we have the opportunity to be ourselves?

Common People floods us with geometric and seventies prints in bright and fun colors.
It is complemented with figurative prints that challenge the imagination. Motifs with references to a nerdy and free aesthetic that fill the garments with personality .

A collection reminiscent of Wes Anderson 's cinema, American high school films like Clueless and the academic world , with its sometimes intellectual and sometimes extravagant aesthetic. Continuing with the picturesque and cheerful color range that accompanies the brand in each collection, we can find saturated colors such as Klein blue, mustard, green and maroon ; that are combined with more naive tones such as pastel pink, beige and sky blue .

A set that evokes an atmosphere of youth and spontaneity . An invitation to dream and create from the pieces that the collection offers.

The prints are introduced into fabrics such as corduroy or stretch crepe, creating rich and interesting textures.

Completing the diversity of fabrics in the collection are velvet, jacquard and other more natural ones such as cotton and viscose.

Common People is structured around the following lines or mini-collections:

70's Collection : prints on the emblematic fabric of this era; the corduroy Perkins collars, XXL vests and boho prints draw a proposal inspired by a youth that listened to Bowie when leaving high school.

Gothic is cool : Subtly represents, through details on the garments, the Gothic and baroque aesthetic with ruffles and gatherings on the sleeves and neck. We can see it introduced in printed garments where the brand takes this 90's trend into its own territory.

Office Collection : In this line we find the Office Prints mini collection, where the houndstooth and Prince of Wales prints are absolute protagonists.

Tartan : This printed fabric offers a wide variety of combined shades, taking grunge to a more college style with straight pattern dresses and miniskirts, all adorned with ruffles.

Pretty in print : A permanent classic in our collections, which this time opts for fresh and different prints such as lions, chickens, dinosaurs or fried eggs with bacon.

Tomboy : We find masculine garments taken to a feminine terrain: from sailor-style coats, culottes in different printed fabrics and denim, to velvet bomber jackets.

Polka dots : Polka dots once again slide across the collection's garments in different sizes and colors.

The Magic Garden : Different types of flowers cover various fabrics, forming a mini-collection in the shape of a magical garden, giving an oriental atmosphere to garments such as the kimono or a more street tone in bodysuits.

Knit : The knit collection proposed by Compañía Fantástica for FW17 is another representation of the brand's fun spirit, combining colors and appliqués such as pompoms, ruffles and patches in this very wintery material.

We hope you like dressing her as much as we love designing her!

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