Summer children's looks: how to dress children on vacation

It's summer and the little ones in the house are enjoying the holidays like crazy. This time of year, children are full of energy to play, go outside and explore the world. Therefore, they need comfortable, all-terrain clothing that accompanies them on their adventures and that is as happy and fun as they are. If you don't know where to start, at Compañía Fantástica we make it easy for you and show you the children's summer looks that you can't miss. Keep reading to discover them!

The coolest basic clothing for children

When the sun is shining, little ones need fluid, light clothes with which they can combat the heat while still looking fantastic. Our summer collection is full of very fresh proposals, made in natural fabrics , that will undoubtedly conquer your summer hearts.

Very cool summer tops for girls

Let's embrace tank tops, the essential proposal in summer. If we combine bright colors and flirty ruffles, we create garments full of joy with which to spend the day without stopping.

Spaghetti strap tops with ruffle details for girls.

For girls who enjoy fun and original clothes, we have a selection of summer prints that will drive you crazy: colorful stripes, animal print, flowers, polka dots,geometric motifs ... everything you can imagine!

Children's tops with animal print and striped print.

Another infallible proposal when the heat increases: crop-tops for girls, very comfortable and fantastic with high-waisted bottom pieces. You also cannot do without a crochet top , an absolute king at this time for its comfort and versatility.

Models with flower crop-top and orange crochet top.

And we can't forget the unisex short-sleeved and round-neck t-shirts. With striking all-over prints or cute central drawings and inscriptions, they are an all-terrain option that you will never want to take off.

Children's looks with short-sleeved t-shirts.

Original and stylish pants and skirts

A must that never fails is the short and top combo. Absolute wonder. A look with many possibilities that provides them with all the freedom of movement that their restless little bodies need. And how well do the high-waisted proposals suit minifashionistas: flowers and stripes of nautical inspiration in designs with a fluid fall full of movement, can there be anything more summery?

Girl's shorts with colorful prints.

A denim miniskirt can't be missing from your little one's summer wardrobe either: it's the ultimate in versatility. It combines with absolutely everything and is perfect for spending an afternoon in the park or for a weekend visiting the family. The total looks of a printed t-shirt and skirt are also very versatile, so let them choose their favorite print and enjoy their free time!

Girls with a denim miniskirt with an elastic waist and a total look with a dinosaur print.

The most comfortable summer fashion

How happy children are when they play without worries, right? And, since we love seeing them like this, we want to offer them extra comfortable clothes with very fun designs that can keep up with them all day long. A good example are the elastic shorts that adapt to all your movements and another, the oversized unisex shirts, the infallible mini beachwear .

Children's shorts and shirts for summer.

On days when there is a great plan in sight, you have to leave the house as soon as possible, so you will need clothes that are easy to put on. In that sense, do not hesitate: one-piece proposals, ideal to be ready in three seconds. The most fantastic dresses , dungarees and jumpsuits come to your aid.

Girls with floral midi dress and short toweling jumpsuit.

Looks for summer parties

Summer is a favorable time for celebrating weddings, large festivals and other parties, so in these months prioritize versatile garments that can be used both for a walk in the park after dinner and for looking divine and gorgeous in one of those events.

The printed tops with ruffles that we mentioned before are a resounding yes, both in a total look with a matching skirt or combined with paperbag shorts: elegant outfits but with a lot of personality.

Festive outfits for girls.

A comfortable and fun garment that is also up to more formal occasions are the sleeveless shirts in the collection. Give a twist to a classic proposal and enjoy different designs. Another unbeatable option for these big occasions: shirts with puffed sleeves and silly collars.

The most chic mini looks.

And, of course, don't forget a must among the great looks for celebrations: casual and original dresses and pinafore dresses to wear all the joy that is needed at any party.

Girls with a shirt dress with an asymmetrical print and a pinafore dress with pockets.

You are already clear about the freshest and most original children's summer looks, so don't wait any longer and take advantage of the sales on Compañía Fantástica's mini collection to get the most complete and fantastic summer wardrobe. Do not miss it!

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