Welcome to the most romantic time of the year! At Compañía Fantástica we have immersed ourselves in a whirlwind of madness and fun to make this February 14th as passionate as it is unforgettable. We team up with TikToker Carolina Moura to discover more about how real people experience love and we propose the best Valentine's Day looks whatever your sentimental moment.

Looks for Valentine's Day from Compañía Fantástica

Whether you are more into receiving ghosting than receiving roses or if you are looking for any excuse to get in Cupid's way, get ready to live a different Valentine's Day with Compañía Fantástica. If you're looking for inspiration to celebrate this special day, keep reading!

Carolina Moura reveals to us the true face of love

This year, we had a guest of honor to celebrate February 14. We are talking about Carolina Moura , the funniest tiktoker of the moment, with more than nine hundred thousand followers on this platform and an expert in extracting information of all kinds from the anonymous passersby she encounters in her investigations.

Carolina, dressed in a look appropriate to the occasion, wanted to celebrate Valentine's Day with us and accepted our challenge: to ask strangers on the street some very personal questions . Because who doesn't have a few funny stories about failed dates or profile photos that didn't match reality? Of course, the most fantastic strangers surprised us with their sincerity and their anecdotes (some truly terrifying) about relationships, flirting online, and the best escape methods if you meet someone who doesn't quite convince you.

Don't miss the full video on our Instagram profile and have a laugh with Carolina and Compañía Fantástica. By the way, if you fall in love with her look and are looking for a romantic knit set, but with a fun touch, of course it is from our new spring 2023 collection .

Valentine's Day looks to live it with style

If you want to celebrate love whatever your emotional situation and want some style ideas to create an outfit that suits you , keep reading. We bring you the best selection of fresh and fun looks to feel comfortable and enjoy the most romantic moment of the year.

Romantic looks for broken hearts

If this year February 14th caught you at a bad time and you don't want to hear from anyone, but you still trust Cupid, this is your look. Go for a geometric print in red tones and create your most tender look with a twist of modernity. A two-piece set or a midi dress with cut outs will be perfect to celebrate the day with your friends at your favorite bar and talk bad about all your exes. Now that's a different Valentine's Day!

Looks for Valentine's Day from Compañía Fantástica

Comfy looks for free hearts

For those who already know that they are going to spend February 14 at their best friend's house, talking about everything except love : this is your outfit. Trust in the power of comfort and enjoy your freedom with fluid garments with different textures . A set of striped top and pants or a sweatshirt with pants in red tones are options to consider for that great anti-romantic plan. Above all, long live comfort!

Looks for Valentine's Day from Compañía Fantástica

Different looks for confused hearts

If you no longer know what day you live on and love has your head in a daze, don't worry. We all go through moments of confusion and what better time than this day to let yourself be guided by your instinct and enjoy love in your own way. To clarify your ideas, we propose two very powerful outfits : a total pleated look in red, for authentic walking red-flags, and a set with a striped print in pink and red, a combination, to say the least, controversial. Be yourself!

Looks for Valentine's Day from Compañía Fantástica

Breakthrough looks for hearts in love

Finally, if your heart is busy and you plan to live February 14 as a true fiesta de l'amour , you need a Valentine's Day look to match. For a candlelight dinner, a romantic walk through the city or an intimate plan at your partner's house, choose a printed dress like the ones we suggest. Prints and colors 100% love to surprise and fully enjoy this date. We love them!

Looks for Valentine's Day from Compañía Fantástica

Live the most fun Valentine's Day with Compañía Fantástica and create original and colorful outfits to experience love every day of the year. Show your magic!

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