Mid-season looks with denim for this spring

It's that time of year that we love and fear in equal measure. The days are longer, the sun is shining in the sky and the birds are singing happily, but it seems like nothing in your closet is appropriate for this crazy temperature and weather conditions that we have in spring. If you are looking to be inspired with a few mid-season looks , ideal for the transition between seasons, at Compañía Fantástica we bring you the solution.

Denim is once again crowned as the most functional and versatile material for those days when you don't know whether to take out your coat or sandals. Be true to your style and create creative and zero-basic spring looks: we bring you a selection of irresistible denim garments to give a renewed look to your wardrobe and create the most unpredictable outfits of 2023. We accept the challenge!

Models with denim mid-season looks from Compañía Fantástica's new spring collection

How to choose your denim clothes for mid-season

Strong, durable and timeless, denim looks perfect for any season. However, it can be cold in winter and too warm in summer: mid-season is the time to shine with the most impressive denim looks. Leave corduroy for winter and linen for summer, we tell you how to select the best denim fashion for spring.

Look for light fabrics

Within the denim universe, we find this fabric in a large number of varieties. For this time of year, focus on fluid styles that are characterized by their lightness: 100% cotton fabrics , with fine padding or lighter styles. This way, you can more easily adapt your looks to the different temperatures of mid-season.

Choose light shades or classic blue

Forget black and darker colors, it's time to celebrate spring with the softest denim washes . White, beige and blue in all their versions will give a fresh air to your style: don't be afraid and experiment by combining denim garments of different shades.

Opt for comfortable patterns

Have you ever left home warmly dressed early in the morning and had to return in the afternoon to 30°C temperatures? To avoid this eventuality, we recommend choosing pieces with broad lines and prioritizing comfort : loose patterns, breathable materials and very comfortable garments.

Looks with denim perfect for mid-season

Now that you know how to choose them, let's go with the key garments from our spring 2023 collection to create the most special mid-season looks. Denim power!

A long-sleeved denim mini dress

A classic that never goes out of style, the denim dress is the first of our denim essentials for spring . This season, we propose a different option: very feminine and comfortable, ideal for those half-time days when you don't know what to wear. In a mini version, with long sleeves and a wide and super comfortable pattern, you will fall in love with its details. V-neck and ruffles in a very light and flattering denim dress. We love!

Models with denim mid-season looks from Compañía Fantástica's new spring collection

Jacket + jeans in double denim key

Have you ever heard the expression Canadian tuxedo ? It is used to refer to denim-on-denim or, in other words, the trend that encourages you to combine your favorite jeans with a denim jacket. The same tone or combining different colors seems to be the key for this half-time season. Choose 100% cotton designs that are roomy and comfortable: we suggest straight-cut, mid-waist jeans with a jacket with a lapel collar and patch pockets.

Models with denim mid-season looks from Compañía Fantástica's new spring collection

A set with a denim miniskirt

The freshest and newest version for spring is a padded denim jacket and skirt set. A different and light design, its comfort and pleasant touch will make this fabric your favorite for mid-season . Wear your denim skirt with a printed blouse or t-shirt and combine it with the most original kimono-cut double-breasted jacket. An iconic outfit!

Models with denim mid-season looks from Compañía Fantástica's new spring collection

Add a vest

Our latest express trick to automatically improve any mid-season look: denim reaches the vest to create the most sought-after garment of spring. Versatile, practical and very trendy, wear it with dresses, over your favorite t-shirt, over a printed blouse or with a thin sweater. What more can you ask for in a garment?

Models with denim mid-season looks from Compañía Fantástica's new spring collection

Celebrate the arrival of the new season in style with the best denim looks for mid-season and complete your wardrobe with our most special women's fashion collection . Welcome spring!

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