We are immersed in the hottest season of the year and it is time to consider what pieces you need in your closet to be able to put together comfortable and cool looks. High temperatures make it increasingly difficult for us to get dressed each morning, which is why we come with a key garment that will save you on more than one occasion: sleeveless tops . Take advantage of the Compañía Fantástica sales and complete your dressing room with the most inspiring options to face the rise in the thermometer.

Read on to discover how to combine the most fantastic tank tops of the season and immerse yourself in a world of color with our most special designs. Creative prints, different details and very comfortable cuts that complete the freshest summer outfits . Let's start!

Printed sleeveless tops for statement looks

We start with one of Compañía Fantástica's classics every summer: tank tops with all-over prints covered in fun drawings . Dare to wear them in summer outfits full of color and a lot of personality: with linen shorts, fluid pants or miniskirts in solid tones.

Models with printed sleeveless tops from Compañía Fantástica's summer collection

If you want to go for the visual and play with duality, you can combine them with bottoms that are also printed . The best bet? Choose a short or skirt in the same print as your sleeveless top and play catch-up. A total look to conquer the summer. We love!

Model with a total printed look from Compañía Fantástica with a sleeveless top and shorts

Strappy crop tops that go with everything

If until now you have resisted this type of clothing, it is time to forget the complexes and jump into the pool. Sleeveless crop tops become the new essential for your summer wardrobe: they are cool, comfortable and you can wear them on more occasions than you think. We give you ideas to combine them without looking like you're leaving the gym: wear them with dress pants for an infallible urban look. Choose the color you like the most!

Models with total Compañía Fantástica looks with strapless crop top and dress pants

If you don't want to hear or talk about long pants and you are looking for the lightest option to face the heat, we have the solution. A crop top and shorts is the perfect alliance if you are looking for the version most similar to a bikini to survive the high temperatures. Super cool!

Models with summer outfits from Compañía Fantástica composed of shorts and sleeveless crop tops

Striped tank tops that are pure summer

The most summery version of this essential garment is filled with the quintessential nautical print: stripes. As a reminder of the freshness of the sea, this season choose sleeveless tops with a striped print in intense or multicolored tones. How to wear them? We tell you our favorite versions.

Our first bet is the striped tank tops with bottoms in super vitaminized citrus colors . Orange, yellow or green: choose the version that best suits you.

Fantastic Company models with striped tank tops and pants in citrus tones

The second version of this refreshing look option with a sleeveless top is similar to the one we have seen previously, but with the stripes as the protagonists. Indeed, we can't help but fall in love with the complete striped outfits: choose your pants, skirt or even blazer and get ready to scratch the staff.

Models with looks from Compañía Fantástica's summer collection with total striped looks

Sleeveless tops in textured fabrics with a naive air

We finish our style guide with an option that seduces us with its simplicity. Tank tops are renewed this season in versions with all kinds of textures: from the most hippie crochet to fabrics with a seersucker effect to create endless combinations. Honeycomb details or jacquard knit garments that provide comfort and lightness to the most special summer looks.

Models with strap tops from Compañía Fantástica in special textures

How to combine them? Choose bottoms that balance the mix: retro prints, natural-inspired fabrics, or pants and skirts in the same material as the sleeveless top.

Fantastic Company models with outfits based on crochet and knit sleeveless tops

Don't miss the selection of sleeveless tops from the Compañía Fantástica sales and enjoy the summer with the most comfortable and cool garment. Show your magic!

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