Although it may seem like a lie, we have the holidays just around the corner and the time has come to finish off the Christmas shopping . It's time to think about the details we want to have with those we love most. The objective? Find a practical, beautiful and exciting Christmas gift that will make them smile and set the bar high for next year.

If you need gift ideas for women, don't miss our special Christmas guide, with proposals of all kinds and for all budgets. Whatever your style, opt for our selection of unique details and find the most fantastic inspiration. Pure Christmas spirit!

Christmas gift ideas to get right

Every year it seems more difficult to find the perfect Christmas gift . To make your life a little easier, we have selected the most sought after designs from our collection. Keep reading to discover them!

Essential scarves and bandanas for the winter months

The cold season is still over, so what better gift than a warm and very cozy accessory ? We offer you several options to keep your neck warm.

Fantastic Company Gift Guide

To start, our padded scarves: even warmer than a traditional one, you can choose it in a solid color for the most classic ones or with one of our star prints for a fun and surprising option. If you prefer a scarf , you can also choose between different designs: our triangular model or knitted proposals with fringes, plain or printed with the prints of the season. You will love it!

Fantastic Company Gift Guide

All-terrain hats for daily use

What better accessory to accompany a look on a dull winter day? Hats and caps are the ideal gift to combat the cold and rain. Plus, you can use them season after season with all kinds of looks.

Fantastic Company Gift Guide

Among our proposals you can find bucket hats , a style traditionally used for rain, in new finishes such as shearling, a multitude of colors and prints. If you are looking for a knitted hat , what better idea than to get one of the top trends this winter: the balaclava or balaclava. Finally, you can't miss our hats printed with the prints from the winter collection. A must!

Fantastic Company Gift Guide

Fun and versatile bags

If you want to play it safe, choose a practical bag that she can wear with her favorite looks. To choose the most suitable one, look at elements such as the silhouette, the material or the colors, in addition to our very special prints. A groundbreaking accessory that you will receive with a smile.

Fantastic Company Gift Guide

The trends this season are coming up with all kinds of prints, intense colors and cozy materials such as quilted or shearling. Perfect designs for a winter walk, going to work or going out with friends. Don't miss the most flirtatious, irreverent and fun bags in our selection.

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Belts to elevate looks

Another of the star pieces in any wardrobe arebelts . This accessory is perfect to add the final touch to your style and make a difference. In our selection you can find retro-inspired designs with different buckles and finishes . A very stylish detail!

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Sweatshirts and warm knitwear

If you want to give a practical and functional gift, but full of magic, here is the solution. A warm, skin-friendly piece of clothing that you can wear all season, like a printed sweatshirt, a long cardigan, a sweater with a special print... Endless options!

Fantastic Company Gift Guide

Our favorites? The textured models adorned with quilted or shearling details, the surprising prints and the comforting colors that take us to the coziest universe. Give sweatshirts or knitwear and get it right this Christmas.

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Printed dresses that are pure inspiration

We finish our style guide with one of the options that most represents us: dresses with colorful prints. For those looking for an unforgettable Christmas gift, it is the perfect option. Beautiful, practical and very special, in our Revival fashion collection you will find the most iconic prints in our history revisited in dresses that leave no one indifferent.

Fantastic Company Gift Guide

Get your gift right this Christmas with Compañía Fantástica's collection of women's fashion and accessories. Special accessories and clothing items with different prints, colors and patterns. Details full of magic!

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