Christmas gift guide

Guía de regalos para Navidad

The Compania Fantástica Christmas gift guide

The most special time is approaching and it is time to look for Christmas gifts . This year you won't need to rack your brains because we've created a fantastic guide to gift ideas for women. Find proposals adapted to most budgets that do not give up the fun DNA that characterizes us. Let's go to see her!

Knitwear from Compañía Fantástica

Essential women's accessories

We're starting off strong with a true essential in any women's wardrobe: accessories . They are ideal for adding a personalized touch to each look and making a difference. In ourcollection of accessories, two must-haves stand out: hats and scarves.

Original hats for women looking for something different

The iconic bucket hat has long been reinvented to become a true style statement. Why is it a suitable gift? Because it can be incorporated into both summer and winter outfits and because it fits into any look. Choose from plain bucket hats in colors like beige, lilac or green to designs with polka dot or flower prints that exude personality.

Knitwear from Compañía Fantástica

Warm scarves to combat the cold

The coldest ones probably won't mind receiving a warm scarf as a gift to renew their accessory collection. Go for basic tones that complement your formal or casual outfits so you can get the most out of them. On the other hand, the colorful prints will fill the dressing room and the most creative Christmas with joy.

Knitwear from Compañía Fantástica

Women's knitwear: a classic

No one is bitter about one more sweater or dress in their closet, so giving comfortable and trendy knitted clothing this holiday season can be a safe bet. Discover some keys that will help you focus your shot.

Knitted sweaters: the infallible choice

Knitted sweaters have become a statement of style and intentions. With a wide variety of cuts, colors, details and prints, you will have a hard time choosing just one model. On the one hand, the basic and straight designs stand out, as they combine with any garment. On the other hand, we cannot do without sweaters with stripes, polka dots, flowers or maxilunars : their unique touch will conquer you.

Knitwear from Compañía Fantástica

Knitted dresses: warmth and elegance

If we are known for anything, it is for our iconic knit dresses , available in all kinds of designs to adapt to almost any style. Maxi cuts stand out for their comfort, while flared styles will add movement to elegant outfits. Prints of hearts, animals or geometric shapes are essential due to their irreverence and plain dresses in neutral colors are sure hits thanks to their versatility.

Knitwear from Compañía Fantástica

Horoscope t-shirts: a personalized detail

Does the recipient of your gift love to consult astrological charts and discover ascendants? Then explore our collection of horoscope t-shirts with different prints related to astrology and zodiac signs. These garments are made of warm and comfortable fabrics so that not even Mercury Retrograde will wipe the smile off your face.

Knitwear from Compañía Fantástica

Women's sweatshirts: a different athleisure style

Urban fashion is not incompatible with elegance and proof of this are the women's sweatshirts in our selection. An ideal gift for those who prioritize comfort, we have basic proposals, perfect for everyday use, and with flower, corn or dot prints, perfect for creating colorful looks that do not give up sophistication.

Knitwear from Compañía Fantástica

Sweatshirt and pants sets: the most comfortable option

Sometimes, complete outfits help us not to complicate our lives too much in the mornings. Our collection features polka dot and leopard sweatshirt and pants sets , sports-inspired designs that are reimagined in tracksuits with a genuine charm that you won't be able to resist.

Knitwear from Compañía Fantástica

Original prints for women who do not conform

If you know the recipient of your gift well, an option to consider isclothing with fun prints , the perfect balance between color and elegance. The designs of corn, rabbits, hearts or pears stand out, available in all types of garments that will delight those who opt for powerful looks.

Knitwear from Compañía Fantástica

We hope this selection of gift ideas for women helps you get your Christmas shopping right. If you need more inspiration to surprise her, don't hesitate to visit Compañía Fantástica 's website!

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