Don't long to improve your style: be content with being able to put on a washing machine.

Ask if there is a hair dryer when invited by an alien to a better universe.

“Hello, let me introduce myself: I am your friend's new boyfriend.

-Hello, I am the co-author of all your WhatsApp messages.”

Situations as hilarious as these can only happen in the head of the protagonist of our new #fantasticpeoplestories: the graphic comedian Spaghetti Monster.

Anastasia Bengoechea (Barcelona) dissects relationships, job insecurity, maturescence, social media fever, posturing and other vicissitudes of postmodern life from her particular perspective: transgressive, ironic, current, feminine and outrageously funny.

We had been following her for a long time and she seemed like a good candidate to be the new ambassador of Compañía Fantástica. A couple of emails later, I took an AVE from Barcelona to Madrid.

In our showroom we discovered a red-haired girl with pizpireta green eyes, irreverent and easy to laugh who alternated jokes with costume tests (and how well our collection suits her!).

He even went for a walk with our pet Bruno!
A shrimp enthusiast, geek and counterculture lover (she took her nickname from the surreal Church of the Spaghetti Monster...), we spent a crazy day with her getting to know her particular vision of the world.

Don't miss the full interview in this video:

Anastasia, see you in the bars! *All the costumes in this video belong to Compañía Fantástica's Spring Summer 2016 Collection and you can find it in our eshop. Photos via Spaghetti Monster
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