The striped print is for summer

We know it's hard to compete with the versatility of the striped print . In bright colors, in classic blue or in sophisticated black, this summer at Compañía Fantástica you will be able to find multiple proposals with this essential print of the summer season. Welcome to your dressing room the clothes with the most personality of the season, original and cheerful fashion that you can wear combined with your little one : the Mini collection is also full of stripes on dresses, t-shirts and shorts. As if we were in the Remedios Amaya boat, we let ourselves be carried away by this season's selection of fashion with striped prints. Keep reading!

Multicolor striped print for warmth

What does this print have to give off so much happiness and good vibes ? The striped print takes us to the warmest and happiest days of the year: a swim on the beach, a drink at a beach bar, enjoying the cooler hours at night with friends, a soft drink with lots of ice... If you want to recreate the most enjoyable sensations of summer, choose the striped print in blue, green, yellow, orange or red tones and combine the most stylish garments from our collection. A look for every day of summer!

Striped skirts, tops or dresses in a thousand colors

In our selection of the most desirable garments to face the heat, we cannot leave out the striped shirt dress . Our reference print floods this sleeveless, midi-length model, with a lot of movement. Another of our favorite proposals is the cotton poplin strapless dress , with a square neckline and honeycomb. Perfect for when you don't know what to wear!

The striped print of Compañía Fantástica

Another fresh and optimistic option is the striped midi skirt set, with an elastic waist and puff sleeve top and honeycomb details. We love!

The striped print of Compañía Fantástica

The coolest black stripe print

If you are looking for a neutral and elegant option , but that maintains that summer air, this is your striped print. In black on a light background, it is ideal for both everyday use and for a more special event . Trust in the power of the striped print and choose the short-sleeved shirt midi dress or the strappy short jumpsuit with a straight neckline. Comfortable patterns that adapt to your style!

The striped print of Compañía Fantástica

Do you need ideas on how to combine the striped print ? Our go-to option for this print is to wear it with fluid black garments. Choose a wide and comfortable trouser design and wear it with your favorite striped tops or shirts.

The striped print of Compañía Fantástica

Navy inspiration in the blue and white striped print

If you prefer the more literal sailor mood, don't hesitate: the blue and white striped print is for you. Do you remember Remedios Amaya's great look at Eurovision? This season, we dive into this new redesigned version of that classic print. Two shades of pool blue are combined with white in shirt dresses or skirt and shirt sets . Evocative and fresh, it is perfect if you are looking to be in tune with summer.

The striped print of Compañía Fantástica

How to combine it? Our recommendation is to embrace the total look and combine a nineties top with thin straps with fluid pants in the same print. If you prefer to play with contrast , choose a look with a ribbed knit skirt and top in ultramarine blue.

The striped print of Compañía Fantástica

Striped Print Children's Clothing

Stripes are also established as one of the most versatile prints to dress the little ones in the house. The Mini collection from Compañía Fantástica comes loaded with a good selection of fresh, colorful and comfortable garments for this summer. Do not miss it!

Striped dresses for girls

This holiday's brightest striped print is also available in sizes 4 to 12 years. This summer, going to a game with your daughter will be more fun than ever. For little all-rounders who want to make the most of the summer season, the different versions of the striped dress adapt to all plans.

The striped print of Compañía Fantástica

Striped tops and t-shirts for a two-piece mix

If you prefer to play with combining different clothes , these are our suggestions for a summer in full color. The striped print floods asymmetrical tops , with ruffles or unisex t-shirts so that the little ones can enjoy the heat with fun and easy-to-combine clothes.

The striped print of Compañía Fantástica

Unconditional fans of the striped print , at Compañía Fantástica we bring you the most original collection of garments with this classic summer print . Immerse yourself in the summer season with the different striped designs that we have created to surprise you. Choose your essentials!

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