Company Fantastic Spanish brand with greater projection

Compañía Fantástica marca española con mayor proyección

Compañía Fantástica selected as one of the Spanish brands with the greatest projection for the new decade. According to the annual report of fashion consultancy Alan Crew

With the title “Spanish pop that triumphs abroad”, the branding and strategy consultancy Alan Crew has selected Compañía Fantástica as one of the five Spanish fashion brands in the women's segment with the greatest projection for the new decade. Thank you!

The independent agency specialized in fashion, beauty and lifestyle maintains that the brands in its report present a notable competitive advantage to grow in the coming years in accordance with market evolution.

The criteria that have been used to evaluate the potential of brands are seven: business model and strategy, positioning and competitive advantage, differentiation and innovation, commercial development and internationalization, brand management, communication and commitment and interaction with the consumer.

The consultant highlights the strong point of Compañía Fantástica as its easily recognizable identity codes: garments full of prints and color, along with a happy and fun tone.

It also highlights the conquest of different markets until reaching 15 countries with a thousand points of sale.

Alan Crew points to the brand's fresh, pop-style communication as the driving force behind our success in the online and social media. Highlights include collaborations with artists such as Miranda Makaroff or Zahara and surrealist fashion films, which highlight our motto that the only rule is that there are no rules.

A great motivation for the entire Fantastic Team!

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