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Shelters, shelters and associations are overwhelmed by the large influx of abandoned animals.

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Compañía Fantástica collaborates with the “Life with Dogs” Association to promote adoption. And we believe that love always wins when it comes to finding a home for these furry animals.

Vida con Perros is an Association based in Fuenlabrada, Madrid. In their facilities they house between 60-70 dogs, many puppies. They are currently working to increase the size of the fenced area so that they can have space to shelter more animals, in addition to increasing the shading areas. Compañía Fantástica has collaborated with a financial contribution in the improvement of these facilities.

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Thanks to the work of the volunteers and their experience as veterinarians, they are able to dedicate time and finance the expensive treatments of the dogs they rescue, which are in a precarious situation. The association holds adoption days on Mondays and Fridays in Fuenlabrada (C/ Torrejón, 4) where they usually take some of their puppies.

From Compañía Fantástica we want to spread your cause and that of all the organizations that carry out admirable work of care and awareness.

With this objective we visited the center, where we carried out a very special photography campaign together with our team and we were able to meet René, head of the Association. He introduced us to Paco, Alex, Roky, Ardilla, Alonso and their friends, all of them wonderful animals.

We would have taken them all!

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We present to you these little and not so little rascals who have a huge desire to give a lot of love. They are all vaccinated, dewormed and ready to start a new life... with you?

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PACO is a red nose pitbull who is just 2 years old. It's tough but it's better than bread. If you want good company on the couch, contact Vida con Perros at

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SQUIRREL is a greyhound born in 2009. She was going to be sacrificed by her owner, who had no use for her. She is very beautiful and elegant. If you are a fan of long walks, write to

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ALEX is a puppy born in February 2017. He is medium-sized and has been rescued from a town in Toledo. He is very happy, sociable and good. If you are ready to meet the love of your life, send an email to

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DOG is a mastiff mix born in November 2016. He is a very noble and calm dog with a giant heart. If you like big guys, ask for DOG at

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ALONSO is a beautiful mix of Stanford and water dog: a real stuffed animal. He was born in early 2017. He is very sweet and calm and is waiting for his chance to meet a home. If you want to open the doors of yours, contact You won't regret it!

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KODI and his brothers are young and medium-sized dogs who have been through a lot. Do you want to give them a chance? Contact

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BEA is a dog born in May 2016. This furry girl came from a pound (where her life was in danger) and she is pure love. If you are ready to receive it, write to Vida con Perros at

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ROKY is a puppy born at the beginning of 2018. He is very small but with his eyes he can achieve almost anything. If you can't resist this sweetness, write to

Production team:

Photographer: Noah Pharrel

Stylist: Raquel Costa

Makeup Artist: Lucia Pando

Model: Jolina Sophie

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