How to dress this winter

Cómo vestir este invierno

How to dress this winter: the most original coats from Compañía Fantástica

It seems that the cold is finally here to stay and, like every year, we have to think in front of the closet every morning to decide how to deal with the low temperatures. Don't let winter make you give up: more than a garment to protect you from the cold, the coat becomes the star of the season with designs that escape the traditional to make you smile. From optimistic prints to the most interesting textures, through renewed classic-inspired models and full-color options: Compañía Fantástica's collection of original women's coats is here. Do not miss it!


The most special trend: printed feathers

For lovers of the funniest style, with an irreverent touch and lots of color, comes our top option to face the cold winter: printed quilted coats. Choose between short puffy jackets or long printed down jackets, the two options to take into account, and achieve high-impact outfits that are perfectly suitable for lower temperatures.


Defend your individuality with the perfect option for maximalist and bold styles. Explosions of color, dramatic silhouettes and supercomfy patterns, decorated with the most special prints from Compañía Fantástica: coats with hearts, stripes or the fantasy prints of your dreams. A functional and versatile garment, with a different touch and a lot of personality. Find yours now and enjoy winter with a smile.


To combine them, don't hesitate and play as much as possible with contrasts. Wear them with other prints and create games of great visual interest. If you prefer, let it shine with its own light and take the opportunity to wear basic garments that do not stand out above the printed coat. Or a third option for the brave: complete it with other clothes with the same print, to create a total look. Light up winter with lots of color!

Play of textures: shearling or bouclé coats

Once again winter, coat trends are enriched with textures to add depth and variety to the most stylish looks. A true feast for the senses, they offer warmth and softness while adding dimension to the silhouette. Add a bouclé coat or a shearling-effect fabric to your wardrobe, perfect for cozy and loving outfits. We love them if they are combined with other finishes and effects: with vegan leather garments or knitted pieces.


A different winter: colored coats

It is true that the cold months last forever: gray days and bad weather can ruin anyone's good mood. To combat this, our solution is to incorporate a lot of color into your daily looks in the form, of course, of coats. Reds, blues, pinks or greens: choose the shade that best suits you and forget the darkness. Pure optimism and personality to brighten the day of everyone you meet on the street. Guaranteed smile!


Polar inspiration: white coats

We have not gone mad. Although we know that color is the perfect way to improve your mood in winter, sometimes we just want to blend in with our surroundings. This season, white comes to our coat collection in all kinds of designs, from the most urban to retro-inspired options. Choose yours and enjoy the coldest weather by matching it. We love!


Essential basics: classic black coats

If you prefer a timeless option to wear every day and combine with your most special clothes, choose a minimalist and sober style. Investing in a coat of this type may seem boring, but we assure you that, with the right accessories and a lot of attitude, it has as many possibilities as any other option. Versatile and highly functional, think of them as a blank canvas: complete your black coat with hints of color or special prints. And ready!


Don't hesitate and discover the most special collection of women's coats at Compañía Fantástica. If you need more inspiration, you can follow our adventures on our Instagram profile or subscribe to the newsletter. Always very fantastic!
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