How to dress for Christmas: 4 ideas

Cómo vestir en Navidad: 4 ideas

How to dress for Christmas: the most festive and comfortable looks from Compañía Fantástica

The end of year parties are the perfect time to let your imagination fly and try different outfits that don't go beyond your personal style. To help you find your inspiration, at Compañía Fantástica we have prepared a selection of festive and comfortable looks to elevate your special celebrations. Keep reading!

Christmas clothes from Compañía Fantástica

Clothes in pink and red tones: full Christmas spirit

If in our selection of party and event clothing there are two color ranges that stand out, they are red and pink . These pieces will not only add a burst of color to your most elevated outfits, but you can also incorporate them into your looks throughout the rest of the year to create powerful combinations. The key is to combine them with sober clothes or in neutral tones to give them all the prominence they deserve or create the craziest combinations with contrasting colors. You choose!

Christmas clothes from Compañía Fantástica

Bright knitted clothing: you won't need a highlighter!

If you are one of those who loves to shine with your own light during Christmas, then you cannot miss our collection of shiny knitted clothing for women . Find sweaters, skirts, dresses, pants or sets in colors such as gold, silver or gray, ideal for adding a unique touch to your events with family, friends or co-workers.

Christmas clothes from Compañía Fantástica

Bright knitted sweaters

If you are one of those who prioritize comfort above all else, knitted sweaters with shiny threads will be your safe bet. Available in cropped and straight cuts, you can choose from classic designs in versatile colors to proposals with an original lapel collar that enhances its finish.

Christmas clothes from Compañía Fantástica

Glitter sweater and pants sets

Total looks are one of the trends that you can't miss this Christmas, especially if you don't want to complicate your life. Our shiny jumper and pants sets are the perfect balance between comfort and sophistication because they are made from high-quality fabrics with an elegant shine.

Christmas clothes from Compañía Fantástica

Party clothes for women that you can always get right

Women's party fashion is a safe choice to live up to any of your most special Christmas events. To help you find the pieces that best suit your tastes, discover 3 infallible ideas below.

Christmas clothes from Compañía Fantástica

Stretch satin fabrics

Stretch satin clothing is a guarantee of success for several reasons. The first is that this fabric offers a more subtle finish compared to shiny threads, so they can be an interesting option to create a more discreet look. The second is that its great softness will give you a very pleasant sensation on your skin. And the third is that you can combine satin with other materials to create outfits with an irreverent touch.

Christmas clothes from Compañía Fantástica

Stretch shiny fabrics

Shiny elastic clothing is an infallible option to combine sophistication and functionality in your most Christmassy outfits. This way, you can express your fashion sense while maintaining freedom of movement. Discover long-sleeved tops, short straight skirts or gathered dresses with shiny gold, silver or multicolored threads that will fit your silhouette comfortably. They have it all!

Christmas clothes from Compañía Fantástica

velvet clothing

Made with the luxury material par excellence, velvet fashion is season after season among the must-haves that you cannot miss during the end of year parties. Long-sleeved shirts will add a unique touch to your Christmas looks: they are available in timeless colors such as pink, beige or blue so you can try incorporating them into your everyday outfits after Christmas. A sure hit!

Christmas clothes from Compañía Fantástica

Poncho and pants sets: a different choice

Are you ready to give it your all these holidays? Then you can't forget our poncho and pants sets , whether in coordinated tones or in a colorful mix & match that won't leave anyone indifferent. The fringes of the poncho will add volume to the outfit while the cropped pants give some of the prominence to your favorite footwear.

Christmas clothes from Compañía Fantástica

Remember: being comfortable and trendy is possible with the options you will find on the Compañía Fantástica website. Enjoy Christmas to the fullest and be yourself!

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