When the temperatures drop, the eternal doubt is accentuated: what should I wear? Leaving the house is more difficult for us and when we do we have the feeling that we are always dressed the same, because we only look at the warmest clothes in our closet. The combination of pants and sweater is very useful, but it is not the only one with which to stay warm.

The dresses are feminine and, if you know how to combine them so as not to get cold, they offer us versatile, comfortable and helpful looks during the winter months. Forget the belief that dresses are only for summer and make the most of them throughout the year. Current fashion allows us to achieve this by following the latest trends such as mix&match or overlays. We give you all the keys!

Models with Compañía Fantástica dresses combined with outerwear.

Dress with turtleneck sweater

One of the best tricks to keep from getting cold in a dress in winter. Turtleneck sweaters close to the body allow you to wear a second skin and create a double layer effect that protects from low temperatures even with short-sleeved dresses. Choose a sweater that matches the colors of the dress for an elegant look or in a contrasting tone if you are looking for a bold effect. You will be surprised by the result!

Models wearing Compañía Fantástica dresses and turtleneck sweaters underneath.

Dress with cardigan

Cardigans are one of the most comfortable items to wear with a dress. Buttoned or open, they allow you to play with temperature changes during the day. Choose a long cardigan with a coat effect for mini dresses or a cropped jacket for midi dresses.

Models with Compañía Fantástica dresses and cardigans.

Dressed in high boots

High boots are a winter staple that allow us to stay warm. Heeled, platform or flat, wear them with dresses on all types of occasions . Do you want some advice? Choose thick tights in the same color as the boots when you combine them with short dresses for extra warmth.

Models with Fantastic Company dresses and high boots.

Dressed with winter accessories

Whether you wear a sweater or a jacket with your winter dress, choosing accessories that are warm is a plus on the coldest days. Maxi scarves that you can wrap yourself in as if you were at home or wool hats offer you extra comfort and warmth that you will appreciate when the temperatures plummet without having to give up wearing your favorite dress.

Models with Fantastic Company dresses covered with scarves.

Dress with pants

A combination that can go beyond wearing thermal leggings under the dress. Slim fit jeans, wide corduroy pants or straight joggers, any option is good to keep warm. The key: combine different textures and play with shapes and volumes. We give you several examples to succeed, which is your favorite?:

  • Airy and fluid midi dress with rigid fabric pants like jeans.
  • Long shirt dress closed only to the waist with high-waisted flare pants.
  • A-line mini dress with skinny pants.

Models with short dresses from Compañía Fantástica ideal to wear with pants.

Dress with down jacket

Even if you opt for an elegant dress, wearing a really warm down jacket is the best option in winter. Whether it is short or reaches to the feet, choose a comfortable garment with the same print as the dress or in contrast to adapt to different situations. Bet on going warm!

Models with Fantastic Company dresses and feather jackets.

Give dresses a chance during the winter and create outfits adapted to any time of the day. Wear shirt dresses, A-line or midi length dresses with the warmest winter clothes and triumph!

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