After a whole year of counting the weeks on the calendar, summer vacation is finally here! It's time to put your head in airplane mode and dedicate yourself to resting, disconnecting and having fun.

Of course, the word vacation implies the word luggage: choose the beach, city or mountain, you can't escape doing it. But don't panic: if you don't want to end up with too much luggage or have to spend ten days with a toothbrush and three t-shirts, at Compañía Fantástica we'll tell you how to pack your perfect vacation suitcase . Take note and enjoy!

Essentials in your summer suitcase

Since you already bring the desire to have a good time from home, you just have to focus on what you have to take with you no matter what. Apart from shampoos and the like, these are the must-haves for every self-respecting vacation suitcase:

  • A basic concept: versatility. Multipurpose and all-terrain garments, with which you can go to a museum in the morning and then end up partying until late.
  • Light fabrics: it's hot, so choose fluid and cool proposals.
  • Sufficient accessories: since you cannot take your entire dressing room, you need colorful and fun accessories that will give another life to the looks you will wear prepared.
  • Knitwear: Depending on the location, the temperatures are cooler, especially at night. And, as grandmothers very wisely say, a knitted cardigan is never superfluous.

How to pack a suitcase to save space: our tips

We have already said that we do not want to carry extra packages, right? Well, depending on the destination you choose, we help you pack your suitcase without missing anything.

How to pack a suitcase for the beach

Is there anything more relaxing than listening to the murmur of the sea while you are lying on the sand? Surely few. So, without forgetting the sunscreen, choose your favorite beachwear and make room for it: with a swimsuit with a floral print accompanied by a wonderful cotton voile sarong , your beach outfit will be very complete.

Two proposals from Compañía Fantástica's beachwear collection.

Also take a practical handbag to keep your essentials with you and an original reversible bucket hat with the coolest prints of the moment.

Essential accessories from Compañía Fantástica to enjoy the beach.

Where there is a coast, there are charming towns and cities, so have a strapless midi dress on hand to meet them after the dip and a short skirt to show off your tanned legs. Go for summer prints like shells or fruits, a fantasy!

Models with midi dress with straps and short wraparound skirt from Compañía Fantástica.

Top and shorts sets never fail, so choose bright colors or fun prints and play with the different options, let the holiday joy show!

Women with striped crop top and high-waisted shorts from Compañía Fantástica.

If you travel as a family, don't forget to include the most fantastic children's looks: a fruit-print shirt and a navy-style striped dress will turn her into the mini queen of the beach.

Beach looks for girls at Compañía Fantástica.

How to pack a travel suitcase for the city

Urban tourism also recharges your batteries wonderfully. You are going to tour emblematic neighborhoods, visit monuments and discover the restaurants and terraces that the city offers, so you need outfits that work for everything.

For the day, nothing better than loose tops and fluid sleeveless shirts to walk comfortably without suffocating.

Fantastic Company Models to move around the city.

At night, brighten up your style with striking flare pants or midi dresses in acid colors that exude good vibes and vitality. You won't be able to resist!

Fantastic Company Proposals for summer nights.

And, of course, don't forget a shoulder bag that can accompany you anywhere or a belt with a buckle with which to give another touch to the look from the day before.

Accessories from Compañía Fantástica to renew your outfits.

The little ones in the family can also show off great urban looks . Don't miss denim, ruffles and animal print items in your suitcase: the most summery mini style.

Fantastic Company Looks for girls to tour the city.

How to pack for a mountain getaway

If mountain routes are your thing, in addition to mosquito repellent and good hiking boots, you need comfortable proposals that allow you to move freely: the crop top and shorts combo with an elastic waist is infallible.

Models from Compañía Fantástica's summer collection with which to visit the mountains.

The mountains and the countryside are the idyllic setting for cotaggecore fans. If you are one of them, don't leave the checkered prints or floral dresses with puffed sleeves at home and embrace the rustic life!

Gingham T-shirt and cottagecore-inspired floral dress from Compañía Fantástica.

Little mountaineers can't do without explorer pants with pockets and a short-sleeved t-shirt, an all-terrain outfit so they can never stop running and playing.

Children's proposals from Compañía Fantástica for mountain vacations.

You already know what the must-haves are for the most fantastic vacation suitcase, so if you still have room to pack something else, take a look at the summer proposals for women's and mini clothing . We'll see you around the corner!

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