Polka dot dress

It's a true truth: if you are a Fantastic Company fan,  You are a fan of the polka dot print . 


Fresh, flirty, fun... and very folkloric!

The polka dot print is capable of brightening any look and is almost an obsession for many of us.


Due to their striking character, polka dot clothing

They are not always easy to combine.

Therefore, today we bring you some tips to get it right... keep reading!


How to combine it?

-With basics

The winning option for the less daring.  In their most discreet version, polka dots work perfectly with plain and basic garments.

A perfect combo would be our polka dot skirt with a plain ribbed sweater

If you prefer a look with polka dot pants , add a black flared cardigan .

The best partner in crime of a polka dot shirt ?

Corduroy culotte pants !


-In total look

If you are one of those who prefer to go completely together, the matchy matchy look is for you.


In true lady style, choose a top andgreen polka dot pleated skirt set.

Or coordinate your satin polka dot dress with a matching hair scarf .

We even offer you a set of top and polka dot dungarees with the same print!



At Compañía Fantástica we have a maxim: the only rule is that there are no rules.

We invite you to experiment with your look without limits.

Overlays of layers, mix of prints... the only limit is your imagination !

Polka dot dresses with leggings  full-color prints, polka dot shirts under checkered sweaters , polka dot tops with animal print pants...

Why not?

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