Revelation - From lat. revelationtio, -ōnis..

Manifestation of a secret or hidden truth.


In an era driven by technology, FANTASTIC COMPANY is inspired by the need to connect with what moves us physically and emotionally. A concern that arises as a revelation in the face of the conflicts of postmodern life.

It is fashion made therapy, a silent revolution.

The designs of the SS19 collection promote a feeling of intimacy, where touch, color and prints (DNA of the brand) are used to influence moods, generating energy, serenity, balance or passion.

There is a growing interest in well-being, personal care and the enjoyment of free time that influences the way we dress. Under this philosophy, pieces inspired by comfort and versatility emerge. All-terrain garments that work 24 hours a day and that combine femininity with comfort and well-being.

A universe where maximalist aesthetics are still valid as an expression of individualism. The mix of prints and the resurgence of geometric shapes create striking looks where color does the rest.

Influences from the 80s and 2000s, gently deconstructed aesthetics and a return to feminine, skin-baring silhouettes form the central messages of the key garments in the SS19 collection.

FANTASTIC COMPANY is about coordinating, uncoordinating and mixing.

FANTASTIC COMPANY is about being yourself!


The Spring Summer 19 collection takes advantage of the psychological power of color on moods and focuses on the positive impact that cheerful hues produce.

The color palette starts with the primaries riot red, sunny yellow and cadet blue, accompanied by lavender bloom and vibrant green, the latter being the most trendy colors.


- Riot Red , the color of passion. It transmits strength and also represents happiness in many countries and cultures as it does in this collection.

- Sunny Yellow , the color of the sun. It cheers and encourages, in addition to projecting light, optimism and energy

- Cadet Blue , is considered the color preferred by the majority, not only for its visual richness, but also for spreading calm and stability.

- Lavender Bloom , will be defined as attractive and serene in the SS19 season. In our collection it appears in both prints and plain garments, but always in a particular way.

- Vibrant Green , the color of balance. A key tone for prints because it is directly related to nature.

Bold combinations:

- The newest shades of lilac and lavender soften and adopt a tone that borders on pink. They combine with yellows, reds and browns.

- Brown tones return after having spent long periods in oblivion and are renewed in unusual combinations along with yellow, red, green and lilac.


Long, light and fluid. The SP19 collection brings a wide range of versatile and wearable shapes with bright colors and eye-catching prints.


Lengths from midi to maxi continue to dominate the trends. A-line styles – like the trapeze dress – flatter all figures. The long-on-long styling creates a modern layering story for summer. And the wrap dress is updated with urban air.


We are committed to mixing prints with total freedom.


Lightweight cottons are the obvious choice for the summer months, while satin takes the look from day to night. Lightweight fabrics represent summer comfort and a sustainable approach is achieved with the season's successful prints and designs.


- Puffed sleeve bustier tops and shirts emerge as a novel update to popular peasant blouses. Ruffle blouses and off-the-shoulder tops are updated.

- Wrap and robe dresses continue to be very successful as they have been reinterpreted in a wide variety of styles.

- The paperbag waist shorts come into play with a gathered and bow waist to elevate the look infinitely.

- The pants have a wide range of legs. The wider shapes are still present and updated with clever details. The capri is as versatile as it is flattering thanks to the high waist and ankle cut that creates an elongating effect.

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