We couldn't wait to share it! You can now enjoy Becomely x Compañía Fantástica , our new upcycling capsule collection in collaboration with this local sustainable fashion brand. Recycled materials star in the production of a selection of garments with limited units. Keep reading to discover them!

We liked last year's experience with Becomely so much, in which we created a sustainable 3D jewelry line , that this time we launched a fashion collection made from surplus fabrics . The perfect combination between Becomely's wonderful patterns with our colorful prints. This collaboration involves the union of two universes to create a new one where creativity and sustainability guide the entire process. We love seeing how you can wear fun and original fashion while respecting the environment. Discover the garments that are part of this limited edition Becomely x Compañía Fantástica: another way of making fashion is possible.

The most beautiful flower dress of the season

Unused fabrics and unsold garments from Compañía Fantástica are now converted into completely new items thanks to the ingenuity of Quique Vidal , founder and creative soul of Becomely.

Like this short dress design and our iconic daisy print on a black background , a garment that makes you fall in love with its volumes and conquers with details such as the removable long sleeves . Floral print fabrics with that retro touch typical of Compañía Fantástica now take new forms with the Becomely seal .

Becomely collaboration with Compañía Fantástica

Dresses with floral prints for spring continue to be an irresistible cliché of this season. And this upcycling proposal in the purest babydoll style is a good example. The design has a V-neckline in the front and also in the back. The removable sleeves allow you to enjoy it now, and continue in summer thanks to its thin straps . A dress as beautiful as it is versatile!

Becomely collaboration with Compañía Fantástica

The puffed silhouette and the volume in the skirt perfectly identify the Becomely universe . Hallmarks that leave the mark of Quique Vidal. This model has been made in a very limited number of units . If you also think it is one of the most beautiful dresses of the season , go for it!

Becomely collaboration with Compañía Fantástica

The most wanted fake collars

The Compañía Fantástica aesthetic permeates the designs of these false collars for both women and girls. A way to renew your wardrobe with this accessory that gives a second life to sweaters, t-shirts, blouses or dresses.

Also known as a bobo collar , this proposal in a mini version for girls shows off a floral print with a gingham trim and a front closure with a bow.

Becomely collaboration with Compañía Fantástica

Inspired by children , the false collars in their maxi version reinvent the result of your look and give it that babydoll touch made in Becomely. The floral motifs give way to embroidered details that dot the cotton poplin to build an entire imaginary galaxy. Combine them with your essential dresses !

Becomely collaboration with Compañía Fantástica

Blouse with cherries, a responsible transition to the new season

With this capsule collection, Compañía Fantástica seeks a responsible transition towards the new season with Becomely using surplus unused fabric and unsold garments that take advantage of this second opportunity.

This proposal reuses the cherry-print fabric to surprise with a puffed long-sleeved shirt reinforced with tulle. The silhouette is completed with a round neckline and front closure with bias bindings like bows.

Becomely collaboration with Compañía Fantástica

Dresses with flower prints and gingham checks in the Becomely style

Two very Fantastic Company prints in two very Becomely cuts. A difficult challenge for Quique Vidal but achieved with the creativity and mastery that characterizes him.

Becomely collaboration with Compañía Fantástica

A strapless dress that combines the multicolored floral print in the center of the garment, with the pink and white gingham fabric along the sides. This mix of fabrics , in addition to personality, gives a good dose of volume to the dress and surprises us when we see it spin. With a rounded finish on the front, the design dares with a heart-shaped neckline on the back. A surprising proposal with a back closure and bias bindings that combine originality and character.

Becomely collaboration with Compañía Fantástica

The pink gingham print leads the design of this short girl's babydoll dress with a round neck and puff sleeves. The model has a back closure with bow-shaped bias bindings. A 100% Becomely x Compañía Fantástica look that is completed with the printed false collar and gingham trim.

Becomely collaboration with Compañía Fantástica

A commitment to fun and sustainable fashion

The upcycling concept is increasingly present in the proposals of today's designers and Becomely is a good example of this. Their creations are made in Madrid from fabrics found in factories that have closed and everything is produced on demand. Ethical fashion stops being a trend and gradually becomes established.

Responsible fashion production focuses on aspects such as that the garments are made close to where you live, that no waste is generated and that they are not mass produced. New modes that are increasingly valued and more chosen .

Becomely collaboration with Compañía Fantástica

This collaboration reflects a commitment to fun fashion but also sustainable with our lifestyle . Versatile, handmade garments made in Spain.

After witnessing this combination of universes we can only surrender to its originality . Express yourself with the new Becomely x Compañía Fantástica collection and continue having fun with fashion. This fusion of prints and volumes is a great success!

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