Corporate Social Responsibility
At Compañía Fantástica we believe in products that are beautiful inside and out.

As a fashion company we are aware of our responsibility to the environment and to society. For this reason, we have created a manual for the implementation of good internal practices as well external systems for the control of production conditions.

Our SOCIAL COMMITMENT works in three ways:


RSC - Compañía Fantástica

We control the production process in our factories, located at China and India and so that they meet our safety standards, regarding the rights and health of the workers, through different procedures:

Internal Audits

The relationship with our suppliers is tight, almost like family. We visit our production centers frequently throughout the year, and we make regular inspections with the goal of ensuring that all the processes, facilities and working conditions meet our Corporate Social Responsibility standards.

Global Sedex Certificate

Many of our suppliers have the SEDEX GLOBAL certificate (https://www.sedexglobal.com) Sedex is a global nonprofit organization: the biggest collaborative platform to share responsible production policies in the supply chain. Obtaining this certificate guarantees that the requirements of, globally accepted, Corporate Social Responsibility are met.

CSR - Compañía Fantástica

Professional Ethics, Security and Health

We are especially critical with respect to child labor (something we emphatically condemn), the compliance with established working hours, the respect for cultural customs, diversity of race, sex, sexual orientation and religion. We are also extremely vigilant regarding the implementation of secure practices in correctly conditioned factories that respect the protocols of security, health and hygiene.

Legal framework

All of our suppliers comply with the current legislation with respect to minimum salaries, number of working hours, extra hours payments, medical assistance, workers rest and recruitment.

Good practices

We maintain a reasonable production demand in respect of timings and quantities so our suppliers can make the deliveries without excessive pressure and at the same time maintaining their usual working rhythm.


RSC - Compañía Fantástica

Solidarity action.
Two lines of action

A) Economic donations (up to € 6000) to:

  • Fundación Anabella: Network of women survivors of gender violence
  • Vida con Perros: Shelter and adoption center for abandoned dogs
  • Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer
RSC - Compañía Fantástica

B) Donation of product for solidarity markets of various NGOs:

  • We Run 4 Smiles
  • Yo también corro por Eugenia
  • Asociación ATZ para Prevención y Atención a la Infancia
  • Hermanos de San Juan de Dios
  • Centro de Investigación Médica Universidad de Navarra
  • Fundación Codespa
RSC - Compañía Fantástica


RSC - Compañía Fantástica

All our products undergo chemical tests to guarantee that the description of the fabrics is accurate and that there are no harmful chemicals used in the dyes (AZO FREE).

RSC - Compañía Fantástica