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Pet Accessories

We love them so much, so much, that any care and pampering seems insufficient. At Compañía Fantástica, we declare ourselves a pet-friendly brand, and finally, the time has come to dedicate an exclusive collection to them, our pets. This capsule edition consists of dog collars and leashes and is made in collaboration with the lifestyle and canine accessories brand Brott. Now you can wear that dress with a fun print matching your dog's leash. Discover the chosen prints from the Spring Summer 2023 collection and see how great they look on our furry friends. Join the pet twinning trend and have fun wearing coordinated looks with your beloved pet. It can't get any more original!
In addition to the excitement of being able to create such a special collection for our beloved furry friends, it also warms our hearts that it has a charitable purpose. All proceeds from the sale of this capsule will be donated to the animal shelter "Vida con Perros," dedicated to the care, rescue, and adoption of these animals in Madrid. It's a fantastic way to join the pet twinning trend and support a good cause!